Honk if you see us out on the road.

The Niagara Falls Public Library’s current delivery van, a 2006 Dodge van,  is still running, with a handful of mysterious knocks and minor rust.  The “Beast”  allows us to transfer requested library materials between Main and Lasalle Branches,  gets staff to meetings at Nioga Library System and NF City Hall.  With the generosity of a SAM grant, sponsored by our NY Assemblyman  Angelo Morinello,  we have invested in a new vehicle, a 2022 Equinox.  Thank you to Streamline Designs for creating a dynamic design to advertise library services and to our NF City Hall ‘s Purchasing Dept for licensing this vehicle in our fleet.

And what name did we elect for our new vehicle? The Nancy Pearl, of course. And she endorsed it…the REAL Nancy Pearl, that is!

Thank you for our new vehicle, Assemblyman Morinello. Not only is this a new marketing piece for library services, but it is a safer vehicle to transport our staff. Many of the standard safety features on a 2022 basic model were luxurious features in 2006. (like power locks, airbags and collision alert). However, power windows and floor mats are pretty spiffy too. Honk if you see us out on the road.

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