Spring bookfair has sprung from our campus


The arrival of the Scholastic truck signals the end of the Spring book fair. The remnants of the book fair were collected on Wednesday, April 3.
We have reported sales totaling 4077.11$ ; approximately 20 boxes of books sold. This resulted in 1168.34$ to benefit our library, as well as 517.33$ in Scholastic dollars. One cannot help but wonder the impact of ebooks and the proliferation of iPads on campus on our book sale figures.

A huge thank you to our many parent volunteers who make so many wonderful things happen on campus. See you on December 5/13, 2013 for our next Holiday Bookfair.

Holiday Book Fair is here!


Many of my young friends have been looking forward to the CCL ‘s Holiday Book fair since   the opening of school in September.   Looking forward to seeing you in our library, bro swing the collection of items for sale…stocking stuffers,  ‘quiet piles’ available for parents to  purchase after their student has gone into class.  Please email me with thoughts or concerns  spotwin@saintstephens.org

All proceeds benefit the library’s program for our students. Thank you for your support.

Spring Bookfair 2012 : thank you to all

To all of my Saint Stephen’s friends and family, a huge thank you for your support of our Campus Center Library. Our recent Spring Bookfair (March 23rd-30th, 2012) was busy event, drawing students and parents in to browse and purchase.


A total of 6697.78$ in sales were  realized ( up 500$ from Spring 2011) . This translates into 1572.25$ in cash back to our school, as well as 993$ in book vouchers ( allowing us to purchase new books from Scholastic to add to our library shelves). Many, many thank yous to all, in particular our wonderful parent volunteers who are the soul of our library.

On a side note, parents were also able to place an order for summer reading books ( PK-gr 7). The deadline was Wednesday April 18th @ 9am. A total of 131 books were ordered, amounting to 556.21$ . 10% of this will come back to the school. Books ordered will be delivered to classrooms by mid May . This convenience for parents allows them to have the books in place as they plan for their summer travels. Reminder: read your books twice. Once at the beginning, once at the end of the summer. Be prepared to take an AR test or other activity relating to your books the first week of school.

Spring Book Fair 2012

Come browse the displays of Easter themes books, current children’s novels, Sunshine State books, a collection of adult  level novels and such.  Looking for Easter basket items, drop by the CCL’s Spring Book fair!

Also, our online bookfair begins March 9th and runs to March 28th


Items purchased online will be delivered to the school and distributed April 10th.

Cash or cheques  ( made out to SSES) only.

Holiday Book fair is almost here!

Often my students will ask ‘when is the next book fair?”. This eager questioning begins around mid September.
After planning and arranging our wonderful volunteers and organizing publicity etc. I can finally tell our students ” it is almost here.”
Join us, won’t you?

Do a bit of holiday shopping.20111026-162750.jpg

Browse the displays…see what is new in children’s literature.

Preview Day : Friday December 2nd, 7.30am – 4pm
Sale: Monday December 5th to Thursday December 8th, 7.30-4pm
and Friday December 9th , 7.30am – noon

Cash or cheques , only please. See you in the Campus Center Library.

If you are not able to visit our Campus Center Library, please feel free to order online athttp://www.scholastic.com/schoolbookfairs/2911416 between November 18th and December 8th, 2011. Your items will be sent to the school (no shipping charge) and will be delivered to your child’s classroom before the Holiday dismissal on December 16th.

Any parents interested in volunteering would be most welcome to join us. Please contact Mrs. Ryder for more info. ryder.judy@gmail.com

Have you got ‘ Cabin Fever’?

   Today is the day!  Cabin Fever, the latest Dairy of a Wimpy Kid book  by Jeff Kinney is released.  Falcon readers  can pick  up a copy at  your local book shoppe, or wait and purchase it at our upcoming Holiday bookfair, Dec 2-9th. I know you have been eagerly waiting for it!

Scholastic will be sending me between 56 and 112 copies of  Cabin Fever  to stock our bookfair.

It is difficult to wait, isn’t it?

Another option  for parents is to purchase the book  online at www.scholastic.com/schoolbookfairs/2911416      Parents  can make purchases  using our online bookfair between Friday Nov 18th and Wednesday Dec 8th.  All items will be sent to  Saint Stephen’s, ( free shipping) and I shall deliver it to your child’s classroom on Friday Dec 16th, before Holiday dismissal.  If parents are looking to keep this purchase a secret,  please email me at spotwin@saintstephens.org, and you can pick it up from my library office.

Holiday Bookfair 2010

Come join us in  the Campus Center Library for our Annual Holiday Bookfair.

Come and do a bit of Holiday shopping:  books for  pre-school aged friends,  adult fiction, picture books, Children’s and YA novels, cookbooks and more.


Preview- Fri Dec 3rd
Sale; Mon Dec 6-th 7.30am-4pm
Tues Dec 7th 7.30am-4pm
Wed Dec 8th 7.30am-4pm
Thur Dec 9th 7.30am-4pm
Fri Dec 10th  7.30am-noon

Holiday Book Fair

The Holiday Book Fair will be offering a preview on Nov 30th, 2007. The actual sale will occur the week of Dec 3rd to 7th, 2007.

I can remember when the book fair arrived at my school when I was a child. It was always exciting to see the truck with Clifford the Big Red Dog on the side  as it backed to our school’s main entrance. Our school had a long, long, long driveway. Many of the children would watch from the playground fence to see if the truck would back up straight or take a wibbly wobbly path up to the front doors. Since I attended a school which did not have a library, our book fair was held in the hallway by the main office. I can remember my indecision…which novels should I buy? I would scour the flyer to plot out how I would spend my allowance and which selections would give me the most value.

Do you wait in anticipation for the book fair? Do you have a special memory of past Saint Stephen’s book fairs? What was your favorite purchase?