Summer Reading Lists 2013

I will say (with a smidgen of pride) that I am normally the first school librarian in the Manatee Country/ Sarasota  County area to get the summer reading list out to the local booksellers/ municipal librarians each year .  This not only allows them to prepare by ordering the needed amounts of  paperback books, though as well insure that they have copies of the e-book available for the upcoming demand.  Summer reading is required as that it allows  our students to be prepared for  classroom activities in September 2013.


Today, the list will be made available to our LS and IS friends.  They may place orders with me, should you choose.  All orders must be received by Friday April 5th, 2013   in the  CCL.  Order forms can be found by clicking on

Lower  School

Intermediate School

Middle School – Grade 7

Any questions?  I am happy to answer them at

Let’s keep our children reading!

Reasons to be thankful

20121111-153649.jpgWith many reasons to be thankful,  I find myself recalling how busy the past few weeks have been.    Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School  has been celebrating the newly released Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, we hosted the Overdrive Digital Bookmobile.  Also, we are preparing for the upcoming Holiday Bookfair, to begin Friday November 30th…above all, I am thankful for the many parent volunteers who get involved in our school school activities and help promote literacy amongst our children.  We have parents who help supervise events, set up book sale shelves, hand out prizes, bake treats and serve them to our children, re-shelve  library books, sign items in and out in our automated system, process new items….all in the name of supporting the library and  our literacy based activities.

Thank you to all our Mums and Dads and Grandmums and Grand Dads and family members who get involved. You are appreciated. I am thankful for your support.

Blog Anniversary

Happy Blog Anniversary to ME!  Today is the 5th anniversary of  my blog….any excuse for cake…..

Thank you to the many people to stop by my blog, read it, make comments, post a ‘like’ to it etc.  Thanks to you,  I seem to be averaging around 120 views per day….on my heaviest day…468 views  on  August 5, 2012. Thank you!   Feel free to share your suggestions  of future blog topics with me.

Star Wars Reads Day clean up

The clean up continues a week later…we had so much fun with building Lego star ships during Star Wars Reads Day…that I am still finding Lego pieces on the carpeting!

Thank you to Dorling Kindersley and Abrams books for supplying many wonderful prizes and promotional items. Thank you, Lego, for graciously donating so 60 Lego building magazines. Thank you to our parents who have generously shared juice boxes, water bottles and yummy munchies. Thank you to Mr. Lindsay and his Yoda trivia voice as well as Mrs. Gross and her mad origami Yoda folding skills. Thank you to Mrs. Sabo, Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Amos for sharing their Lego supplies with us (how fun are you three?)

Now to find the last lingering few renegade Lego bricks under the study tables…..


Thanks, Mrs. Sheilds!

ImageDue to Mrs. Shields generosity and  being in the know,  I now have a large donation of science materials to ad to our CCL collection.   40 updated copies of  the Eyewitness series, as well as the complete set of “How things work” by David MacAuley.  Many, many thank yous!  These items will buttress many of our curriculum topics.  I shall be cataloging like a fiend this summer to have the items on the shelf ready for our friends upon their August return.

P.s. I love Instagram!

Spring Book fair is almost here!

The Spring 2012 book fair is fast approaching.  Mark you calendars !

Preview :

Friday March 23rd


Monday  March 26th, Thursday March 29th from 7.30am to 4pm


Friday March 30th from 7.30am to noon

If you are not able to join us in the Campus Center Library for the book fair,  check us out on line from March 9th to March 29th, 2012

Items purchased online will be shipped to the school and distributed upon our return from Spring Break, April 10th.

Summer Reading  order forms ( for children entering grades 1 to 7 ) will be available. See Mrs. Potwin for more info.

Holiday Book fair is almost here!

Often my students will ask ‘when is the next book fair?”. This eager questioning begins around mid September.
After planning and arranging our wonderful volunteers and organizing publicity etc. I can finally tell our students ” it is almost here.”
Join us, won’t you?

Do a bit of holiday shopping.20111026-162750.jpg

Browse the displays…see what is new in children’s literature.

Preview Day : Friday December 2nd, 7.30am – 4pm
Sale: Monday December 5th to Thursday December 8th, 7.30-4pm
and Friday December 9th , 7.30am – noon

Cash or cheques , only please. See you in the Campus Center Library.

If you are not able to visit our Campus Center Library, please feel free to order online at between November 18th and December 8th, 2011. Your items will be sent to the school (no shipping charge) and will be delivered to your child’s classroom before the Holiday dismissal on December 16th.

Any parents interested in volunteering would be most welcome to join us. Please contact Mrs. Ryder for more info.

Have you got ‘ Cabin Fever’?

   Today is the day!  Cabin Fever, the latest Dairy of a Wimpy Kid book  by Jeff Kinney is released.  Falcon readers  can pick  up a copy at  your local book shoppe, or wait and purchase it at our upcoming Holiday bookfair, Dec 2-9th. I know you have been eagerly waiting for it!

Scholastic will be sending me between 56 and 112 copies of  Cabin Fever  to stock our bookfair.

It is difficult to wait, isn’t it?

Another option  for parents is to purchase the book  online at      Parents  can make purchases  using our online bookfair between Friday Nov 18th and Wednesday Dec 8th.  All items will be sent to  Saint Stephen’s, ( free shipping) and I shall deliver it to your child’s classroom on Friday Dec 16th, before Holiday dismissal.  If parents are looking to keep this purchase a secret,  please email me at, and you can pick it up from my library office.