The Accelerated Reader test everyone wants….

While Accelerated Reader is a helpful tool for parents and teachers, and does provide a certain among of incentive for our children, it is not the end -all-be-all program. We must remember not to live or die by the Zone Proximity Demonomiator (the suggested reading level). It is merely that, a suggestion. Our children should not return a book to the shelf because it is one digit off from their suggested reading level. Our children are encouraged to read for the simple enjoyment of reading, regardless of the number assigned to a given book.
Having said that, AR has proven to be a great motivator for many of my students. Many of the more popular titles are requested by students ( a list existing in the library,   by Mrs. Addison’s door). I purchased our new AR tests from this list of student suggestions…including…….


Yes, Diary of Wimpy Kid Three: the Last Straw by G. Kinney. While I cannot keep my copies on the shelf, the tests are vary popular with my students in grade 3-6. The most recent book’s AR test has been loaded as on Monday, March 23rd @10.54am

This is guarenteed to keep my friend Curtis in grade 5 very, very, very happy!

Story line:
Greg Heffley is a wimpy middle schooler. Greg’s Dad wants him to become  strong and moral and thus,  decides to send him to millitary school. Will Greg shapen up, or will he get shipped out?

Enjoy! Keep reading!