Back to school

Who’s ready to go back to school? ME!

Since graduating in Spring 1996, I have missed the routine of getting ready to go back to school. Admittedly, working in a school setting had a similar routine, though as a student , it is a unique experience.

Nothing says ‘back to school’ like a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils

Admittedly, I have a fetish for new stationary. There is something evocative about an unmarked pad of paper, pens with matching caps, binders which close with an extra sharp snap ….and don’t get me started on the allure of freshly sharpened pencils…..

Upon acceptance to the Long Island University’s Post Master’s Certificate in Library Administration program last Fall, I begin undertaking the first of the 5 required courses in the coming weeks. I am printing off readings, arranging weekly notes with clearly labeled tabs. The sense of order is that exhilarating .

The exhiliaration of neatly organized labels….can’t you just feel it?

This program, accredited by the New York Board of Eduction Regents, include lessons in library law, library accounting, HR, facilities planning and library principles. I feel that these are lessons which will broaden my leadership skills as that, there are times when running a public library is akin to running a small business. It is all very exciting. For which, I am grateful.

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