NFPL Community Annual Report, 2020

I give you the 2020 Niagara Falls Public Library Community Annual Report.  These past 18 months have been a true marathon: navigating the COVID-19  protocols, keeping library staff employed, continuing library services in a protracted function, and bouncing back from State funding cutbacks.  To see the community annual report come off the press feels comforting; it is an excuse to stop and reflect on past triumphs. I feel that the 2020 report is less of a ‘look what we did’ theme, and more of a ‘look at the responsive services we offer you’  approach.

I am particularly proud of my staff for their efforts and creativity. Hard copies are available for pick up from the director’s office as well as electronically page 1 and page 2 via our website.

And then, after multiple individuals eyeballed the docuement for spelling and grammatical errors, we sent it to print. Only to return with an error that my eye goes to right away.


Part of being an effective leader is showing emotional intelligence. Admitting errors and not blaming others. While I am disappointed, the best solution was to fix the readily available electronic version and make the hardcopy available upon request, thus controlling/apologizing for the issue of the error.

Yet another learning lesson.

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