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Touring the future Underground Railroad Museum

What did your library director do today?  As part of making a decision to loan out a priceless item from the library’s local history collection, I toured the future Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Museum with our local history librarian, Courtney, and Ally Sprunger,  museum coordinator.   We navigated around electricians who were running wire,  wrapped exhibition panels, and tour guide training sessions.

We also looked at the area which the requested local history item would be secured and displayed.  A wall mural of the Cataract Hotel’s dining room (from the Niagara Falls Public Library’s Local History collection) has been mounted and a  fiberglass half table will be secured against the mural,  with chairs as if to mimic a dining room for the museum visitor.

We discussed security, insurance appraisals,  visitor behaviors, loan agreements.  The museum should be up and running within the beginning of April 2018 as part of the Niagara Falls Train Station building. It pays homage to  Niagara falls’ historical role within the gateway to freedom for slaves escaping to freedom in the early to mid-nineteenth century.