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BTOP in the Niagara Falls Public Library

Recently, we hosted Anne Neville, an illustrious writer for the Buffalo News during one of Sara Taylor’s visits.  Sara, an employee of Nioga Library System, travels our membership service area of Niagara, Orleans and Genesee counties, teaching computer tech skills in each library she visits with her ‘coffin of technology”.  Above all else,  only her enthusiasm supercedes her skill of technology.   As a library system,  we are stronger from Sara’s services to our communities.

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New York Library Advocacy Day 2018

New York Library Advocacy Day has come and gone,  though speaking out in support of library funding does not stop.  While Governor Cuomo’s State budget must be finalised by April 1, 2018,    state reps need to be reminded continually that libraries are a vital and build communities.  Contact  your state reps via

My journey to Albany started the day before, on Tuesday, February 26, reading over the advocacy speaking notes as prepared by NYLA, and creating my signs.


And then I got on the train @ 3am, Tuesday, February 27,  the day before the rally  to participate in the two valuable continuing education programs.  Both “Care and Feeding of your Library Board” hosted by Cassie Guthrie from the Greece Public Library and “How to write your Construction Grant” by Mary Ann Woltz were beneficial and have given me food for thought to apply to my tasks as a municipal library director of a  central library.

Wednesday, Febraruy 28…the day is here!  We descended upon the New York State Capitol for come together to be a unified force. We rallied, we met our state representatives, we shared ideas, we made noise.  We were part of the democratic process.


Some of the highlights from the day.  Above all else, I was pleased to see so many of my library cohorts from across the state and be so unified in our communal cause of funding for our library community. We are creating betterment for our citizens who depend on our services  as engines of empowerment.

I was fortunate to visit our New York Senator’s office, Mr. Robert Ortt.  His assistant, Joseph Erdman and I spoke about the importance of libraries in our communities.  I expressed our gratitude for last year’s State Bullet Aid money and how it benefited our digitization of a portion of our local History collection to preserve its condition as well as increase access to our treasure trove of photographs.  We also discussed the importance of the New York State Construction grants,  which Niagara Falls Public Library has used this past year to replace the ADA complaint door openers at the Main Branch of the library.   Mr. Erdman was pleased to show off his Nioga Library System coffee mug.  Here we are photographed in front of Senator’s office nameplate.  

After the rally,  I got caught up with Judith Wines from RCLS over lunch,  then ran back to the hotel to catch my mid-afternoon train back to Western New York.        

While a busy 48 hours trip,  I am pleased to finally have had the chance to participate in a lobby day.   Am still digesting the enormity of the experience,  but was happy to have had the opportunity and speak up for my community and for the library services I  and my staff provide.  #nylalad18