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We need a Carla Hayden action figure doll….support diversity!

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So this happened today….I was flipping through my recently received Library Journal  ( March 15, 2017, issue) and noticed my letter to the editor had been published.  Thank you Library Journal for including my letter. I am utterly tickled.

So, my letter is a call to action for my fellow librarians across the country to show their support for diversity and the changing face of librarianship.  While it is safe to say that  Nancy Pearl is a loved and greatly admired contributor to reader’s advisory, literacy and the profession as a whole,   her action figure doll persona needs a companion.

Library professionals focus many of their efforts on diversity,  why not petition Archie McPhee, the manufacturer of the Librarian Action figure doll to offer a new librarian action figure dolls based on the likeness of Carla Hayden, our new Librarian of Congress?  Ms. Hayden is the first African American woman to hold this position,  much less the first library trained professional to be confirmed for this position of Librarian of Congress.   Current trends in librarianship are to offer a more inclusive community access point for all.  Why not start within our profession by celebrating our new Librarian of Congress?

Lib Journal letter to editor vol 142, no5 march 15,2017, p. 10Please join with me to lobby Archie McPhee toys to produce a Carla Hayden librarian action figure doll.  Either write  to  Archie McPheee and Co, 10915-47th Ae West, Mukilteo, WA 98275 or email:



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