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Annual Report To State : DONE

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img_4088-2As much work as it is to compile the necessary statistics required in the New York State Library’s annual report,  it is really not as much work as some might complain it to be.  As an exercise in preplanning and communication, I am proud of my staff working together as a team to progressively record our Lagrange Library’s usage data throughout the year.  Thus,  when the reporting of the annual report comes around…..we are ready!     For more information about library services in  Lagrange as reported to New York State, click herenysannualrteport-2016-v-2.


Since the Summer of 2014,  Lagrange Library has been offering a  community annual report, available electronically on , hard copies  are available at the library counter and are mailed to benefactors who donate over $100 to the annual campaign. Our most recent community annual report came out in late Summer  2016, reporting on July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016.   Click here to view our good works as documented in the most current community annual-report-2015-2016-6.     In the hopes of creating simplification,  Lagrange Library will be shifting their fundraising year   (currently July-June) to echo their financial year ( Jan -Dec).  Thus,  in the Spring of 2017,  we will be releasing a six-month mini annual report for our progress occurring on July 1, 2016- Dec 31, 2016.  After that,   our next annual report of Jan 1, 2017- Dec 1, 2017, will be released in the Spring of 2018.  The result will be a much clearer formated community annual report with one cohesive reporting year.  Big changes are ahead.

The past 365 days can be described as busy (almost hectic) in our Lagrange Library.  Our drive to offer new and in demand services push our library staff to be their most creative selves.  We have a great team at the library dedicated to serving our citizens fully.   Check out our current library newsletter to see what we are up to.



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