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New York State Annual Report-2015

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Like every other New York State municipal librarian, I too have been feverishly spending my  January pulling together data for the annual  New York State 2015 Annual Report. It is not really as difficult as I hear other librarians groaning on about.  Realistically, it is an exercise in keeping good records,  keeping staff informed throughout the year of what you will need and anticipating what  might change on the questionnaire for the coming year. I am please to say that I was ahead of the curve with the  “how many wireless hits did you have” question,  thanks to my Bee Hive  installed a year ago.

Never let it be said that we are sitting around merely reading.  I am proud of my staff and of their talents and diligence they bring to their jobs.  Our  overall collection circulation is up 16% from last year. Our Adult Fiction (physical) collection circulated 11%  over last year.  Our eBook collection is up 25% in 2015 over 2014.    Intensive weeding of unused/ worn/unattractive items from our shelves,  active staff one-on-one eBook download training session have been a huge help for patrons.  I am please to see that our e-magazine services have been  widely used  since released in the past month.  Our e-magazine circulation is 6th highest out of our 66 member library system.  Again,  public training,  promotion on social media and, of all things, stickers on our physical magazines announcing the additional electronic format have all helped to get the word out.

Thank you to the neighboring Town of Union Vale, New York for agreeing to fund library services with $72 000  per year for the next three years, with a 2% increase per year.  We look forward to continuing to serve our Union Vale patrons, now with restrictions on experimental collections lifted.

While I am looking forward to putting the state’s annual report to bed, I am also looking forward to pulling together and designing our community’s annual report  in the coming months.  Much good has been happening in our Lagrange Library.  And we want everyone to know about it and be part of it!


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