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Are your New Year 2016 resolutions sticking?

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A flip of the 2016 calendar means a new year. A new year means  resolutions and promises to be better.  This can mean improvement in your quality of life,  your relationships,   your career your outlook.    A new years Resolution List  means an ambitious plan for self-improvement in the coming year. Now that we are several weeks into  January,  the holiday decorations are put away,  the refrigerator has been cleaned out of  holiday deserts and  the gym memberships are  booked.Or are these plans  being lived up to?  If you find yourself floundering with your New Years resolutions,  turn to your local Lagrange Library to a spark of  inspiration.

1) I resolve to learn a new language

The everything essential French bookThe complete idiot's guide to learning spanishThe complete idiot's guide to learning Italian600 Basic Japanese Verbs : The Essential Reference Guide









2) I resolve to travel more

fodor hawaiiFodorsJapan2014coverscotland


3) I resolve to lose weight

crossfitvitamixpaleotaco cleansebarre

4) I resolve to quit smoking

The easy way for women to stop smokingquitsmoking

5) I resolve to read more New York Time or Indie authors


6) I resolve to go back to school, learn a new skill or start a new job.


7) I resolve to laugh more

The authoratative Calvin and Hobbes a calvin and hobbes treasuryThe most of Nora Ephrongaryshyncartmatalk


Best wishes for a Happy 2016 New Year!  Drop by your Lagrange Library for materials to get you back on track.

Author: spotwin

While I am a librarian , I am a reading cheerleader. The purpose of this library blog is to better promote reading and information literacy to my community. I love books, reading with my son, properly placed apostrophes, canoeing, locating the nearest Starbucks, cheering the Montreal Canadians, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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