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To new MLIS grads…..

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June is grad month. To the newly minted crop of MLIS students, I give you interview tips to  help you land that perfect job. So your CV is good enough to get an interview and now you need some tips and strategies to seal the deal?


-Be confident but subtle.  Tap ‘team player’ in Morse Code on the desk top.

-Always make eye contact  and if you have two  interviewers, train your eyes to work independently like a chameleon.

– Employers check Facebook accounts so make sure all your photos show you looking at a spreadsheet and punching the air.

– Leave a gap in your 2011 on your CV. When they ask where you did in 2011 say “Remember the Arab Spring?” and point to yourself.

– Tell them you’re not an applicant, you’re an appliCAN. Lick your finger, hold it against buttock.  make sizzling noise.

– When asked why you’d be suited to the job, pass an ancient scroll along the desk and say “It was foretold.” Stare at them.

-If you’re meeting 3 interviewers, bring in a 4 finger KitKat. take charge of distributing KitKat to emphasize leadership.

– If through nerves you feel you have to belch in the interview, belch a word in your favour like “enthusiastic”.



As tongue in cheek as these tips are…….good luck in the job search to our newly minted  library professionals.  I encourage you to find employment which is meaningful, rewarding and to surround yourself with fellow co-workers who will work as a team member and bring our your best talents. .  Avoid  workplaces which engage toxic people who lack  the core values of the community.  Being a librarian is the best job in the world.  I have found it to be rewarding and ever evolving requiring a multitude of skills. And I know you will too.

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While I am a librarian , I am a reading cheerleader. The purpose of this library blog is to better promote reading and information literacy to community. I love books, reading to my son,properly placed apostrophes,canoeing, locating the nearest Starbucks, cheering the Montreal Canadians, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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