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2015- 2016 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Nominees

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Old habits die hard, I  suppose.  This time every year for the past ten years, I eagerly await the  posting of the new  Florida Sunshine State young reader’s nominated reader’s list.  These are titles which many Floridian children will be reading over the summer of 2015  as well as into their 2015-2016 school year.   Attached is a copy of  the list, basic summary and AR reading level.   I can only hope that the children in my former school are continuing this program as that it was so well received by parents and students alike.  Anything to keep our children reading and  combating the dreaded ‘summer slide’.  While this is a list which has significance for Floridian children,  it is a great list of current children’s literature  for children in various states to enjoy.   See your school librarian for  more information about your state’s  significant reading list.

2015-16 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Finalists

Grades 3-5  ( for a printable list, click here )

Athlete vs. Mathlete W.C.Mack Blast Off! Nate Ball

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen  by Donna Gephart

Athlete vs. Mathlete W.C. Mack Blast Off!  by Nate Ball  (AR not available)

Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur  (AR 3.8)

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman  (AR 4.3)

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm (AR 4.1)

Freaky Fast Frankie by Joe Lutricia Clifton (AR 3.8)

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy (AR 5.0)

The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman (AR 5.5)

Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts(AR 5.2)

Nerd Camp by Elissa Brent Weissman (AR 5.1)

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen by Donna Gephart(AR 4.0)

Pie by Sarah Weeks (AR 5.6)

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd (AR 4.7)

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage (AR 3.9)

White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan(AR 3.1)

Grades 6-8  ( for a printable list, click here )

Counting by 7s Holly Goldberg Sloan The Eighth Day Dianne K. Salerni Eye of the Storm Kate Messner Jack Strong Takes a Stand Tommy Greenwald







Counting by 7s  by Holly Goldberg Sloan (AR   5.6)

The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni   (AR   5.2)

Eye of the Storm  by Kate Messner (AR   4.8)

Jack Strong Takes a Stand  by Tommy Greenwald  (AR   4.5)

Jungle of Bones by Ben Mikaelsen  (AR   5.3)

The Night Gardener  by Jonathan Auxier  (AR   4.9)

Project Jackalope by Emily Ecton  (AR   4.4)

The Secret of Rover  by Rachel Wildavsky  (AR   4.9)

Seeing Red by Kathryn Erskine  (AR   4.8)

Skink – No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen  (AR   5.2)

Stung  by Bethany Wiggins  (AR   4.8)

Tesla’s Attic  by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman  (AR   6.0)

The Testing by  Joelle Charbonneau  (AR   5.6)

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet  by Nancy J. Cavanaugh  (AR   5.3)

Twerp by Mark Goldblatt  (AR   4.5)

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