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National Library Worker Day 2015

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In celebration of  my library co-workers and their hard work, we celebrated National Library Worker Day, not nlwd5on April 14, but on April 17.  This shift in date allows for all our employees to gather prior to our opening @ 2 pm on Fridays.

nlwd15Employees were treated to a yummie lunch at our neighboring Crooked Rooster lunch spot.    Board Members JPK, Bob Kaminski and President Wayne Delia arrived  to celebrate as well.  (How much more celebratory can one be other than eating off a surf board?) Thank you to Sherri, Betty, Karen, Shannon, Lisa K., Veronica,  Sandra, Jeanine, Joanne, Lisa S., Lorraine, Evie, Roseann, Mary and Luanne for your dedicated work, knowledge and patience you show when serving our Lagrange Library patrons.

Besides speaking praise to our work staff for their time and talents,  we honored  Betty,  Sherri  and Lorraine  for their 20 plus years of service.  This  milestone was commemorated with a gifted clock  to each,  cards, flowers and well wishes from the town supervisor, Mr. Alan Bell.


Thank you to all for the work that you do,  the patience, the desire to help our patrons and your creativity which you show on the job each and every day.  Our Lagrange community benefits as a result.   Thank you   #nlwd15   #gratefullibrarydirector

nwld7 nlwd11nlwd2nlwd3

From the Rooster,  we travelled down to Stewart’s Shoppe for a photo op by the Stewart’s District Manager. (Photo to follow shortly).  This photo is in aid of the generous $500 Holiday Match grant given to the Lagrange Library to support summer programing at the library.  (We cannot confirm nor deny the consumption of a scoop of Adirondack Bear Paw  whilst in the Stewart’s Shoppe. Yum!)  Thank you to Stewart’s and to Courtney for your support.  #stewarts  #stewartsholidaymatch

stewartsgrantStewarts and Lagrange Library


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