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Incubator project.

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Today was the first meeting of the Mid Hudson Library System’s Incubator group hosted by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Tom Sloan and Merribeth Advocate, our Mid Hudson Library System support people.   Five librarians were invited to be Early Adopters

  1. Desmond & Fish Library (Garrison) – Jen McCreery
  2. LaGrange Association Library – Sarah Potwin
  3. Millbrook Free Library – Stephanie Harrison
  4. New Lebanon Library – Jeannie Bogino
  5. West Hurley Public Library – Kara Lustiber

while and additional five more were invited to step into the Trusted Advisory role.

  1. Catskill Public Library – Susan Ray
  2. Dover Plains Library – Susan Totter
  3. Highlands Public Library – Julie Dempsey
  4. Patterson Library – Patti Haar
  5. Red Hook Public Library – Erica Freudenberger

I, in extension, Lagrange Library were invited to step in as an Early Adopter.  A day long discussion was had on how to best address critical and the ever sinking circulation rates for libraries around the 66 member library system.
11050192_10205151351917943_9112114168902595999_n (1)

The outcome was that we will be looking at:

Weeding .  While Lagrange Library does frequent weeding as part of our regular collection maintenance ( in some portions of the collection Lagrange does weed out materials which have not been touched in 2 years, other portions 18 months),  we will be working with Mid Hudson to  weed in a more throughout fashion.  Our weeding policy is up to date , having been revisited 8 months ago.

Themed displays . With the extra space created from the weeding,  at the end of the shelves, we will be displaying books regarding that  subject’s topic.  We will also be looking into purchasing end cap display apparatuses to better advertise   the books in our collection.  We are set to include a carousel of  New York Times Best sellers on our website.  This   dynamic graphic will be a link to our library catalog and allow patrons to create a hold on an item in an easier fashion.

Collection Development.  We will be purchasing additional copies  when Lagrange residents place 4 or more holds on a specific title.  Currently the ratio system wide is 7 hold er one copy.  We will also be creating additional local holds copies to better benefit our Lagrange tax payers who are walking in looking for specific titles on the shelf.

These efforts will be focused initially in our Adult Fiction collection, with a goal to increase the circulation by 5% of the current

A few selected texts to read on the matter are:

To be part of the Incubator Project, thankfully, does not involve sitting on an egg.  Lots of work.  Lots of sleeve rolling  up, but thankfully no egg sitting.

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