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Interior decorating by the book.

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Unpacking boxes of newly recived book orders are always like Christmas for me.   A recent acquisition to our Lagrange collection is Novel Interiors by  Lisa Borgnes Giramonti .
novelinteriorcoverRecently reviewed:

For those who have ever lost themselves in the stylish worlds of novels like Sense and Sensibility, The Age of Innocence, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray and countless others, this design book embraces the fantasy of time and place, showing you how to bring some of those elements into your own home.
Lisa Giramonti inspires a new approach to decorating: by teaching us through the lens of worlds we may already know and love. With gorgeous photographs by World of Interiors photographer Ivan Terestchenko, aspirational quotes, and tailored reading lists, Novel Interiors reveals the essence and details of interiors mentioned in great literary works. This is a stunning, photo-driven book that shares enchanting and timeless ways to live more elegantly.

Novel Interiors is the ultimate book-lover’s guide to decorating. Depicting the enchanted worlds of more than sixty beloved works of literature, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti presents an aesthetic guide  and shows you how even the smallest elements, such as the blue china flowerpots perched on bright yellow stands depicted in The Age of Innocence, can bring life and personality to any room. Each room is identified by the literary references and shows you how to blend contemporary taste with timeless chic.

Considering the popularity of home decorating books in our library, (and that Lagrange is the only library in our system which owns this item) no doubt this book will be popular.


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