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Farmer’s market stamps

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As Summer turns to Fall,  the bounty of the season  is abundantly available.  Many Sunday afternoons are spent at nearby Meadowbrook Farms (Meyers Corners, NY),  picking apples in the orchard,  selecting local honey or bagging up local corn. It is also a time of savoring the apple cider doughnuts……….. which never make beyond the drive home without a sampling.  We Potwins love the flavors of this time of year.  Happily,  it must be noted that the US Postal office  has celebrated this notion in a new series of postal stamps.  As a librarian, I hang onto the romantic tradition of writing letters  to family and friends, and thus, using traditional postage stamps.   Many of which are art forms in themselves.

Farmers markets are an old idea that’s new again. Markets were once the main way Americans shopped. As towns and cities grew in the 19th century, farms were pushed farther from the population hubs, and new distribution systems and permanent in-town shops increasingly became the middlemen between consumers and farmers. However, in 1976 Congress passed the Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act, and the number of markets has soared once more.

Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, flowers, and other fresh products invitingly displayed on tables or bins — farmers markets invite us to share America’s agricultural bounty.

Four se-tenant stamps depict a table laden with typical farmers-market fare. The stamp on the far left has among its products various fresh breads, artisan cheeses, and both brown and white eggs. The produce on the second stamp includes vegetables and fruits. Cut flowers adorn the next stamp. The final stamp on the far right features live plants. Most items bear handwritten labels that identify the product and its price.

Farmers markets flourish in many of our communities as that they are community gathering spots.  A place to select artisan candles and soaps, feature live music,  children’s activities, voter registration drives or local gardeners offering advice.  This new town square is often hosted either by or held near the town’s local library. It is a gathering place for diverse groups of the community to meet and mingle and to share news and recipes —to create a new sense of community.  Much like a municipal library.

And now,  when will the Christmas stamps be released?  The Potwins are amassing their Christmas card lists…..


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