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Everything is aaawwwessome. (Or how we pulled off a community movie night.)

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Yes, everything is awesome at the LaGrange Library.  Starting with our grant writing  earlier this year.  By partnering with ourredbox friends at the LaGrange Parks and Rec,  we wrote a grant to fund  a story walk program on our local park trails.  This particular grant , offered by Red box,  was aptly named “Out of the Box” with the intention of building partnerships  between libraries in our communities and  like minded organizations.
Sadly,  we did not receive one of the 10 awards of $5 000  in equipment. However, since we had a strong  application, we, along with 22 other sites across America, are receiving a free  movie night to hold in our local Freedom Lake Park. And again, we are partnered with the Town’s Park and Rec Department.      We are grateful  to Redbox for offering this stellar prize:  the portable screen,  the movie license for a film of our choosing, sound system, projector.  The only thing that it did not come with was popcorn.  Again, in the spirit of  partnership,  our local Boy Scouts are  selling popcorn, our Girl Scouts, cookies and bottled water,  our local 2 Smiles Ice Cream  shoppe will be providing waffle cones. There is even rumors of cotton candy.

And the movie selection?  Lego Movie!  Awesome!

Miss Jenn was excited to dive into the first of two cabbage cases  of equipment this week.  Woohie.


And then she tested all the equipment , cords etc to ensure that everything is in working order. This resulted in watching the first 20 minutes of the film.  And perhaps munching on Girl Scout thin mints…..

But wait,  the box with the screen did not arrive.

A day later, Fedex arrive .  Ironically,  our container was the biggest box  out for delivery on the  10am Fedex truck.  The truck was full of iPhone 6 deliveries!

jennfed I have never tipped a delivery person with Girl Scout Samosa cookies,  though he gladly accepted a box.  Note to self for future deliveries….


jennpavillonThank you to Miss Jenn ,  Daren Simons, Neil, Lisa and Karen’s superb planning and set up skills.

When all was said and done,  we had approximately 150 Lagrange citizens –  all delighted with the evening. It was a great night.

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