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Adventures of Lupo! Author comes up with series of children’s stories after she trademarks Kate’s pet dog

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lupcoverThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s beloved pet dog, Lupo, is set to be immortalized in a series of children’s books and toys.
Featuring a picture of the pampered cocker spaniel on the cover, The Adventures of Lupo the Royal Dog: The Secret of Windsor Castle, will hit bookshelves in September – with three further stories and a range of merchandise to follow.
Its author Abigail King took her inspiration from the frequent walks she enjoys with her own spaniel, Lily, in Kensington Gardens, where Lupo is also exercised.
Lupo, which means wolf in Italian and is a derivative of the Latin word for the animal.

Although somewhat overshadow by the birth of Prince George, the Lupo books will bring the royal pooch back under the spotlight.katelupo
The series has been acquired in the UK by international giant Hodder Children’s Books, who also publish Enid Blyton, and describe it as a ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians for today’s readers’. It is hoped that a deal may be struck for the US rights to the book.
In the first story Lupo is accused of a serious crime he did not commit – an attack on a swan, which are protected under the Queen’s charter. In his efforts to prove his innocence, he crosses paths with the dastardly corgi Vulcan – named after one of the Queen’s actual pets, a corgi-dachshund cross known as a Dorgi – who has discovered a centuries old secret which he is determined to ‘use against England and the crown’.

The author has included fleeting references to the Duke, Duchess and Prince George as well as other members of the royal family, but the focus is very much on the animals of the Royal Household – dogs, corgis, cats, mice and the like.

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