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Underscore the purchase of a new hand cart / dolly.

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First off.  Thanks are owed where thanks are due.  The LaGrange Association Library is grateful to the Friends of the Library for funding new furniture for the children’s room.  A much needed  art cabinet ( all 570 pounds of it)  affords us better storage of programming /craft items.   New adult sized seating, when it came on a separate truck,  was a seamless  delivery.

The cabinet has provided a tale which shall live  forever in the history of our library.

The art cabinet was  to be shipped in pieces, I was told. No need for a lift gate on the transport trailer.  In-facility delivery was not an option.    So, one month later,  a Conway truck arrives with a very patient driver asking me what I want to do with the shipment.

Since our building no longer has a loading dock and the transport trailer cannot negotiate our  parking lot, it sat parked on Fireman’s Way, waiting. furniture2

With luck,  a Land Air Express truck came by, with a lift gate.  (It is worth noting that the Land Air Express truck had green Vermont plates; it is a company which is based in my favorite state of the union….and one of the most friendliest too.)

So,  the cabinet was shifted from the Conway truck to the Land Air Express truck, lowered down to the Potwin Chevy Silverado (yeah Mr. Potwin.)

Mr. Potwin then drove the cabinet to the Library front door, where Mr. Simmons ( our Children’s Librarian’s husband) and Mr. Sassi ( our Adult Programmer’s husband) un-crated and  unloaded the cabinet  from the Silverado to a dolly.furniture5Through a combined effort of good will and manly husband power,  the art cabinet is in place.  We learned that the dolly’s weight capacity is substantially less than  the 570 pound of the art cabinet,  but it did the job magnificently.  Thank you FOL and husbands and  patient transport drivers.  We are grateful, and now we have a fantastic story to tell for the ages.


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