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Finally, I can claim that my New York State Department of Libraries Annual Report has been filed for the 2013 year.  Whef!  I know of other  municipal librarians who moan and groan about the laborious process.  Yes, I agree that it is a huge undertaking.  However, it is a good exercise is retrospectively looking at what we do and how we can better serve our community’s library needs.     It is a good reminder to keep accurate records and statistics to paint a picture of what the LaGrange Library does and how financial support is managed.  As a public record,  this document, as is any New York State Library Annual report , is available by contacting the Department of Libraries for a copy.  If you are interested in understanding what the LaGrange Library’s  2013 annual report looks like,  click on  annualreport2013. To the residents of LaGrange,  thank you for your support.  The Mid-Hudson Library System Annual Report 2013 can be found here.



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