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Look what arrived today!

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Mr. Brown (my UPS delivery fellow) brought 17 boxes of new books from our jobber, Baker and Taylor.   I was tickled to begin opening the boxes and discovering the contents.   One box in particular had the latest 2014 Fodor’s guide to Walt Disney World.  And with a illustration of the Disney castle decorated for Christmas.   It is making me think more about the Potwin’s Mickey ornaments which we use to decorate our Christmas tree.  Did they survive our move north?  I hope so!  Regardless, we will find out their condition this weekend when the Potwin’s decorate the tree.

Normally, we celebrate the American Thanksgiving weekend at Disney, to help us get into the Christmas spirit, despite the lack of snow in Florida.  This year, that will not be an issue…we’ll have snow in New York! However, we will still miss the Disney decor. Maybe it is a good thing that the new Fodor’s guide to WDW arrived when it did!



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While I am a librarian , I am a reading cheerleader. The purpose of this library blog is to better promote reading and information literacy to community. I love books, reading to my son,properly placed apostrophes,canoeing, locating the nearest Starbucks, cheering the Montreal Canadians, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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