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Remembrance Day Canada 2012

A Soldier’s Face

The soldier is a shell
A shell of metal medals
The soldier is the messenger
With a country’s deadly message

The soldier is a trained killer
A soldier’s eye is trained
On an enemy pre-defined
Our blackest fears framed

The soldier carries out
the orders of a few
A soldier’s hands are tied
By a flag’s blood white and blue

A soldier’s flesh and blood
Is spent on the battlefield
War’s currency
The years of our youth we steal

A soldier has a face
A soldier’s heart is not unknown
It’s their heart we all must face
Can we bear to face our own

Christophe Elie, Canada, November 11th , 2012,


Author: spotwin

While I am a librarian , I am a reading cheerleader. The purpose of this library blog is to better promote reading and information literacy to community. I love books, reading to my son,properly placed apostrophes,canoeing, locating the nearest Starbucks, cheering the Montreal Canadians, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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