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Paddington Bear movie…finally

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To know him is to love him.  Paddington Bear.  The bear from deepest darkness Peru.  The bear found on a British train station platform.  The bear who wears a blue trench coat and a floppy hat.  The bear who loves clotted cream and marmalade.

“Paddington Bear is a universally loved character, treasured for his optimism, his sense of fair play, and his perfect manners – and, of course, for his unintentional talent for comic chaos,” said David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter franchise, who has spent several years bringing the film to fruition.

Michael Bond created Paddington in 1958 and the books have sold more than 35 million copies worldwide in 40 different languages. And now, it is set to open to movie audience on December 2014.

(Paddington Bear is a classic from Mrs. Potwin’s childhood.)

As the story goes,  the little bear was discovered at Paddington Station by Mr and Mrs Brown, who noted the luggage label around his neck bearing the message: “Please Look After This Bear Thank You.”He stowed away on a boat from Darkest Peru after his guardian, Aunt Lucy, had to go into a home fore retired bears.The Browns took him back to 32 Windsor Gardens, where they fed him on marmalade sandwiches and took him to a gentleman’s outfitters to purchase pajamas.

To star in the movie version of Paddington Bear the Movie, look for “Downton Abbey” star Hugh Bonneville .Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley on the popular PBS series, would star as the patriarch of the family that adopts Paddington Bear. The film will mix live-action and animation. The movie is set to open in December 2014 for Christmas time audiences.


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