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The Butterdome. Need I say more?

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Opened in 1983 as a host site for the 1983 Commonwealth Games, ( of which TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales opened), the Butterdome is located on the campus of the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta. While the official name of the facility is the Universiade Pavilion, because of its rectangular shape and bright yellow exterior, students and locals alike quickly began referring to it as the Butterdome. Today, even the University of Alberta often uses this nickname to refer to this structure. This 5,500 seat capacity venue features a6-lane rubberized 200m indoor track (8-lane 60m sprint straightaway), 4 basketball/volleyball/tennis courts, 4 badminton courts , a wrestling room as well as an indoor climbing complex. During the colder weather which November 11th brings, the City’s Remembrance Day ceremony is held inside.

Why is this building a featured post on my library blog? As an alumni of the U of A’s (go Golden Bears!) School of Library and Info Science department, I passed by the Butterdome each day between September 1994 to April 1996. My dorm room was across the street.

Recently, a former classmate and fellow librarian, sent me a picture of a recent U of A merchandise.

The Butterdome.


A ceramic butter serving dish with lid.

Resembling the Universiade Pavilion.




In celebration of the University of Alberta’s centenary in 2013, the Industrial Design Studies department created this butter dish. butterdome

And we are referred to as wacky Canucks…..I can’t imagine why.


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