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20130207-153820.jpgOur Campus Center Library is festooned with a vibrant fiberglass tree. Those who were fortunate to be able to shop at the Little Bookworms Bookshoppe in Lakewood Ranch, Florida before its closing will recognize the tree. We are very fortunate to be this happy tree’s new home as that it adds much to our library atmosphere.
Recently, I have noticed a tiny hole appearing in the base of the trunk. Similar to a loose thread on a sweater, which no one can resist pulling on, this hole has become an appealing spot for our young friends to touch.   Hence a larger hole each time I look at it. Oh dear.


Luckily, Mr. Forrest from our Maintenance Division was able to apply a stucco-plaster compound to the hole as filler.   Once hardened, the fiberglass trunk will be good as new.
Thank you , Mr. Forrest !20130212-095623.jpg

P.S. While Mr. Forrest will never admit to witnessing a white rabbit dashing past, checking the time with an over sized pocket watch, I did. I am thankful that he did not fall down the hole at the base of this tree, into a world of mad hatters, hooka smoking caterpillars, grinning Cheshire cats and wild Tim Burton/Lewis Carroll -esque tea parties. It would all be too difficult to explain to Mr. Hollinger, the Director of Facilities.

alice hole


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