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Lance Armstrong biography…fiction or non fiction?

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In a true testament to the hyperactive power of social media, this photo surfaced  recently in an Australian  public library…Image

Just days after the disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong,  admitted to doping throughout his decorated career, the notice jokingly suggested his books would be moved to the fiction section, created by a library clerk of the Manly Public Library. A library patron snapped and posted the image  on social media. By January 20th, 2013, the image was making the rounds on global media websites, including  USA Today.

The clerk, Jack Dee, was shocked and removed it immediately when he realized it had gone viral and apologized to the town’s local government, the Manly Council.

He was shocked to see how fast it had spread online, and deactivated his Facebook account after media outlets started contacting him.  Mr Dee said he was frustrated to read media reports and tweets suggesting that the library was actually reclassifying the books.

Manly Library’s acting manager Wendy Ford said

Libraries Australia classifies all material, and member libraries follow that interpretation.

While many people feel betrayed by  7 time Tour de France  winner, cyclist Lance Armstrong’s admission of  usage of performance enhancing drugs,   this  notice, while a tongue in cheek joke,  is a prime example of how social media is shrinking our world.  Information, via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the like  spread information (some true, some not so true)   quickly.   Availability of camera phones,  allow quick documentation  and dissemination of events .  This is a gentle reminder to be wary and question content  as  the role of the reader.

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