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Celebrating Jane Austen…200 years of Pride and Prejudice

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2013 will celebrate the  200th anniversary of the  publication of Jane Austen’s classic novel,‘Pride and Prejudice’.  View displays of period costumes, grand houses and discover why this novel has revolutionize literature .  Bath, England, Jane’s home from 1801 to 1806 will host  fairs, theatrical performances, lectures relating to Austen’s era.  Much of her writing is based on city life and experiences of her time  in Bath.

Another stop  on an Austen celebrator tour , should be  Chatsworth, which Elizabeth Bennet actually visits in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. It was also the inspiration for Mr Darcy’s home estate of Pemberley.

Surrounded by the dramatic countryside of the Peak District, and home to a vast collection of historical artworks, it’s just the place to get a sense of life in Austen’s era. Don’t miss the garden, with its water features, sculpture and views over the park.

The last  eight yeas of  Asutens’s life  were sepnt in Chaweton, a Hampshire village near  London. This is where she did much of her mature writing, including ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Emma’, and revised several of her earlier works.

It’s practically hallowed-ground for her fans, and even if you’re not familiar with her writing, it’s a fascinating 17th-century home in an idyllic village which will tell you the story of her life. After her death, Jane Austen was buried in nearby Winchester Cathedral, a towering Gothic building .

Austen lovers, unite on this celebratory occasion!  Surviving  since publication in 1813, Pride and Prejudice has stood the test of time with its many romantic  and heroic themes.

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