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Library services to help your child

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With a new school year freshly begun, I would like to highlight a few services Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School offer our Falcon community. Please do not hesitate to ask me (or email me for help or clarification.

1. Our Library Catalog

Do you know what what books we own? Do you want to know which books your child has signed out? Our library catalog is available 24 / 7 at . By using your child’s library barcode number, you can create an account, allowing you access to the catalog. Children in grades 3 through 6 have their library barcode attached to their study buddy, inside cover. Informally, children use their AR password as the library account password as well.

The home page of the library catalog will also offer a list of links to various subscription databases to help your child with their research.

2. Accelerated Reader

Parents can help their child be a better reader by helping them locate books via and identifying their book’s reading level. Also, parents may see their child’s reading progress by using Home Connect. Again, parents will need their child’ AR username and password to access their accounts. Children in grades 3-6 have the written their AR username and passwords in their study buddies on their birthdays/ or half birthdays.  Children in grade 1 and 2 will have this info sent home by the end of September. Please note that AR tests can be taken from anywhere on campus. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Potwin of account information.

3. Ebooks/ Audio books

We are very fortunate to be able to offer ebooks and audio books in a digital download format, free of charge. Overdrive will allow families to download children’s books to their home computers, or their mobile device ( Kindle, Ipad, ipod, tablet etc.) Children are permitted to bring their device to school during free read time, providing parental approval is given. The Overdrive system will ask for your child’s library barcode. This can be found on the inside front cover of the student’s study buddy ( grade 3-6). Children in grade 2 will have this info sent home by the end of September. Children in grades 7 and 8 will receive this info on an Overdrive instructional bookmark by the end of September.

As always, please contact Mrs. Potwin with any questions you might have. Helping your children be the best student they can be is my goal.


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