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My(current) favorite app

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It has become part of the accepted lexicon of my students…”there’s an app for that.” Every need is anticipated and filled via an application on an iPad, or smart phone device. Need to locate the nearest Starbucks? Want to play a game of magnetic poetry? Fill you time with Sudoku? There’s an app for that…..
My current fetish lies with the newly released Martha Stewart cookie app. Since Christmas baking is my next Holiday endeavor, Martha has come to the rescue by releasing an app which features a ‘cookie run way’ showcasing some of her best recipes from the recent cookie book. Everything is straightforward and easy to use, but where you’ll really want to spend your time is with the screen that Martha Stewart refers to as the “cookie runway.” This scrollable visual display shows an example of every cookie you can make on a clean white background. The treats are classified for traditionalists, little ones, grown-ups, those far away, those near and dear, health conscious, and hedonists.

To get to any specific recipe you click on the cookie. The instructions themselves are clean and warm. If you’re partial to the beautiful layouts of magazine style recipes, the aesthetic beauty of designing on the printed page is not lost here.

Featuring a shopping list builder, ingredient sorter and kitchen tool index.      You can also tag recipes you like with a heart, automatically add your cookie ingredients to your grocery list, add notes via a button on the upper part of the recipe, click to play videos embedded in specific parts of the instructions, and start an in app timer that automatically sets itself for the recommended baking time. When the timer goes off, it squeals like a classic, high pitched timer loud enough that you probably won’t miss the right time to bring the cookies out to cool.

Of course, I applaud Martha for furthering her marketing platform to yet another medium. Upon closer inspection of the tool index, Martha conveniently includes links to her line of baking tools available from Macy’s.

Cynicism  aside, the cookie app will be loaded onto  our iPad, folded cover to sit conveniently on the counter for ease of reading the directions. My money is on the chocolate crinkle cookies…one of my favorite recipes.


Author: spotwin

While I am a librarian , I am a reading cheerleader. The purpose of this library blog is to better promote reading and information literacy to community. I love books, reading to my son,properly placed apostrophes,canoeing, locating the nearest Starbucks, cheering the Montreal Canadians, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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