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Sunshine State Program…also known as Sweetberries…..ask a Saint Stephen’s student

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If you ask anyone in Intermediate School, they will tell you that it is the Sweetberries program. However, let’s not lose sight of our goal my friends.

  • We are reading to improve our literacy skills.
  • We are reading to  cultivate a better understanding of different literature.
  • We are reading because it is a fun thing to do…

The Sunshine State Reading program  is a statewide program, offered each school year  through the  Florida  Department of Education.

And, yes, recently, we , a group of 38 grade 4 , 5, and 6 students took an afternoon off from our regular lessons to walk over to nearby  Sweetberries Ice Cream parlor to vote on and discuss what we liked and what we did not like on this year’s Sunshine State Young Reader’s list.  There might have even been some ice cream enjoyed, though I cannot confirm, nor deny.

This year, children  from all over the state of Florida voted.  The 2009-2010 Sunshine State Young Reader’s Awards go to ….

Cover image for Found

Found By Margaret Peterson


Runaway by Wendlin Van Draaen

Thus I would encourage our young Saint Stephen’s friends in Intermediate School, or those going into Intermediate School,  to browse the website in mid May 2010 to  begin reading over the summer.  Make notes on the2010-2011 school year’s list of books you enjoyed the most, then take the AR test  on at least 5 of those books.   Why not get a head start on the school year?  You too , will be invited to our April 2011 voting party…er…Sweetberries party.


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