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FCIS- Annual Conference

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If you are from outside of Florida, or you are not aware of our statelyacronym,  the Florida Council fo Independent Schools ( FCIS) met this week to hold their annual conference in Orlando.  Educators from independent schools across the state met  to discuss issues facing  education in private insitutions…funding,  technology advancements,  curriculum development etc.

I considered myself to be very fortunate to attend this year.  In a year of financial belt-tightening, funds  for many activities are limited.  Many thank yous to Mrs. Pullen, my Head of School, Mrs. Ann Wolcott our Professional Development  co-ordinator for allowing me to attend  this year.

An early morning drive with  my two   colleagues got us to the  Orlando conference site at 7.30am.  Mrs. Ewert and Mrs. Nixon were set to present  a workshop Smile and Breath! Yoga Based Activities for the K-8 Classroom during the 10.25 am session.   I was  able to duck into  a  workshop related to blogging  as an educational tool.   Blogging is an obvious interest of mine.  From there , I was able to sit in on Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching to learn more about  web 2.0 applications and who they can enhance my teachings.Varios sites  of interest, used by our neighbours at Out of Doors Academy were discussed.   And finally, the reason for my conference attendance , was to  learn more about serving on an FCIS accreditation team.   This session highlighted the responsibilities of accreditation team members when  carrying out  a visit . ( Each year,  FCIS schools  must prepare for an accreditation visit of their peers to measure their successes and   list ways in which schools can be more efficient in  their mission to educate their student population.)

Above all else, it is an excellent opportunity to meet with other educators , from local independent schools to share ideas and commiserate on what works well and what needs to be tweaked.  A useful day of professional development  was had by all.


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